Changing community with food

Dans la cadre de la série la relève en boulangerie: voici Claus Meyer qui croit qu’il faut d’abord changer les mentalités en matière d’aliments et c’est dans cet optique qu’il a innové en matière de vendre son pain.

Extracts of Claus Meyer ‘s talk : « I was raised with the belief that : Food should be cheap and prepare in a maximum of 20 minutes… that food was unsustainable and undelicious.

We had to onboard and engage the most important stakeholders on the scene of food culture into our agenda, before, hopefully, on day, the desire change we truly wanted to see, could produce itself bottom up.

We thought of the New Nordic Cuisine as a being virus. An informal movement without a president, without a logo, without rules. An informal movement not driven by a desire for short items profits, but by the joy of building value together.

…a healthy delicious bread with a high whole grain content, baked from organic grain, cultivated by local farmers, we decided to try it… (to) change bread…  »